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Business Hours
Business Hours

Callverse is an effective, robust and global online marketing solution.
No software is required
The application is entirely online and doesn’t require any installation or plug-in from either the company or the customers
Registration and set up is quick and easy
All you need is to open an account with us, set up your business hours, choose the countries you wish to receive calls from and cut and paste a short html code into your website
You pay only for the calls you receive
Our billing system is pre-paid and you pay only for the calls you actually receive. There are no set up fees, monthly fees or lock in contract
Maximum visibility in real time
You can view every call that is made including the customer name and number, call duration and cost and even the webpage on your website from where the call was initiated
Full system flexibility (multiple profiles and phone numbers)
You can set up as many numbers and times slots to any days of the week for which you wish to receive calls. You can even assign different phone numbers to different icons on your website. For example, sales calls will be directed to the sales department while support calls will go directly to the customer support team
Pop-up and Click-to-Call icon customization
You can choose from a gallery of pre-designed CTC icons or design your own. You can customize the message on your business hour and after hour pop-ups
After hour lead tracking
The qualified leads tracking module allows you to follow up on customers trying to reach you after hours. Data includes: customer names, phone numbers, email and customer requests